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Partnership working

In order to deliver the most effective care, one of my main priorities is partnership working. I work closely and collaboratively with other professionals. 


Lara Taylor Specialist Midwife

A practicing Midwife, educator and trainer with 11 years experience in the NHS, who has been working in the private sector since 2021. Lara has a wealth of experience in all areas of midwifery supporting women through pregnancy, birth, post birth and the transition to parenthood. 

Contact Lara directly:

Collaborative working

By working collaboratively we are able to deliver the high quality care where ladies need it most. We both have a need and deep passion to change things for the better. To help improve care pathways and outcomes for women and birthing people accessing maternity services.


Reformer Pilates
Bethan Phillips

Beth is a wonderful reformer Pilates instructor and Occupational Therapist. Beth has a wide background of training through STOTT Pilates, Merrithew and the APPI. This broad skill base allows her to provide wonderful training and feedback for those looking for reformer Pilates. We work closely together to ensure people are addressing any injury, preventing harm and returning to exercise safely and appropriately.

Beth is on Instagram @Reformhub

And email:

Pilates Studio
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