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Enhanced recovery post C-section

In our professional journeys Lara (Registered Midwife) and I have become increasingly aware of lack of care, support and education post C-section, and how this is impacting women and their recovery. Not only in the immediate postpartum period, but in the years following.


We are working together to provide evidence based, individualised care and support to families, to help optimise mental and physical healing after birth by caesarean section. We aim to facilitate understanding of the impact of pregnancy and birth on the body and empower women and birthing people to take control of their own recovery. 

C-section enhanced recovery package

Pre-birth virtual session to plan home environment and mobility options (Lara and Miriam)

Hospital visit Day 1-2 (Lara)

Home visit between day 3 -7 (Lara and Miriam)

Home visit between day 10-14 (Lara and Miriam)

Home visit between day 24-28 (Lara and Miriam)

Mummy MOT in clinic 6 weeks (Miriam)

Please enquire directly for pricing.


We are based in Solihull and cover Warwickshire and the West Midlands.

There will be an additional mileage charge beyond a 3 mile radius of Solihull.

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